Mechanical Skeleton Watch from AliExpress

My old skeleton watch died, so I decided to buy a new one.

I bought a cheap on from AliExpress. This wasn’t necessarily a good idea.

a photo of a see-through mechanical watch and its chain
So Watch. Much Wow.

You can’t really see it in this photo, but the watch chain and the watch are completely different colours of gold. It’s very unattractive in real life. I’ll have to get a different chain.

a photo of a closeup of a see-through mechanical skeleton watch
The Inner Workings

It appears to keep time pretty well, at least, and a wind seems to last at least 24hrs.

a photo of the back of a see-through mechanical skeleton watch
Such a Pretty Behind

Being to see the inner working of the watch is pretty fun, but, overall, this watch is pretty ehn. Luckily it didn’t cost very much, because I bought it directly from China.

a photo of a yisuya-branded black velvet watch bag
Counterfeit Bag

Oh, and one other thing, I guess. The watch came in a Yisuya-branded velvet bag. I have never even heard of Yisuya, but, somehow, I doubt that this watch is actually a Yisuya watch.