Mechanical Skeleton Watch from AliExpress

My old skeleton watch died, so I decided to buy a new one.

I bought a cheap on from AliExpress. This wasn’t necessarily a good idea.

a photo of a see-through mechanical watch and its chain
So Watch. Much Wow.

You can’t really see it in this photo, but the watch chain and the watch are completely different colours of gold. It’s very unattractive in real life. I’ll have to get a different chain.

a photo of a closeup of a see-through mechanical skeleton watch
The Inner Workings

It appears to keep time pretty well, at least, and a wind seems to last at least 24hrs.

a photo of the back of a see-through mechanical skeleton watch
Such a Pretty Behind

Being to see the inner working of the watch is pretty fun, but, overall, this watch is pretty ehn. Luckily it didn’t cost very much, because I bought it directly from China.

a photo of a yisuya-branded black velvet watch bag
Counterfeit Bag

Oh, and one other thing, I guess. The watch came in a Yisuya-branded velvet bag. I have never even heard of Yisuya, but, somehow, I doubt that this watch is actually a Yisuya watch.

Aitbags Women’s Wallet Ostrich PU Leather in Red

Who wants to see the unboxing of my new clutch bag from Aitbags? EVERYONE!

aibags shipping box
Nice Box

Like a lot of things, it comes shipped in a box.

Aitbags is a strange name. Google always tries to correct it to “airbags”.

inside aitbags shipping box notebook
A Freebie!

They included a cut little notebook in the box. I enjoy freebies and extras.

aibags notebook

The notebook paper is a bit brown, which suggests that it is recycled paper. Very eco-conscious.

aitbags protective foam wrapper
Protection is Very Important

The bag comes wrapped in a foam wrapper to protect it from any bumps or bruises. I know that I hate it when something I order is insufficiently protected, it arrives completely destroyed and I have to return it, so all this protection is good.

aitbags protective tissue paper wrapper
Tissue Issues

The Bag is also wrapped in tissue to protect it from any scratches.

aitbags oxblood ostrich skin texture PU leather clutch
Bird Bag

And here’s the bag, finally!

It’s an ostrich skin texture PU leather bag. PU means polyurethane, which means that this is synthetic leather, but you can’t really tell just from looking at it.

The colour is listed as red, but it’s really more of an oxblood.

It’s sized: (L)8 x (W)1.2x (H)4.3 in, so this is a little clutch bag, suitable for a dinner date, but not really for long excursions because there is no shoulder strap.

I am a little bit annoyed that there is no wrist strap. You always have to make sure that you have a tight grip on it.

aitbags interion ostrich clutch
Pockets Amongst Pockets

Here is the inside of the purse. They’re are a whole tonne of cards slots. There isn’t a whole lot of room, but you should be able to fit your cellpone, keys and lipstick fine inside.

All the zippers are metal, so they should be durable.

junk from inside aitbags bag
Padding and Padding

There was even foam padding on the inside of the bag to protect it. I think that that is overkill. It’s not like that box would get run over during shipping.

So, that’s it. It’s a pretty cute, little bag. The ostrich texture is unique and I really like the oxblood colour.

Buttload O’ Dorco Razors

Long story short, I’ve run out of Gillette Fusion Proglide razor samples. Seriously, they just kept shoving the things in my mailbox, like, every other week for months and months. Yo, Gillette, if you want people to actually buy your razors, you shouldn’t keep giving them away for free.

But, anyway, I’m out of them now, so I should probably go buy some, right? Oh, $20 for only 4 razor cartridges? Yeah. No. I’m not going to do that.

I still need to shave my legs though, right? I need to fit in with our Western ideals of beauty or I’ll ostracized, and since so much of my self-esteem is reliant on the external validation, I better keep myself in line. (Ask me about my beliefs on how the English written language is in desperate need of punctuation denoting sarcasm sometime…)

So, anyway, need to buy some razors… I checked around the internets for razors deals and came upon (heh, “came upon”) an article from lifehacker wherein they discuss how Dollar Shave Club, which is quite popular, actually sources their razors from Dorco, from whom you can buy the same razors directly for much cheaper.

Fine, lifehacker, let’s try some of these Dorco razors that you’re so in love with.

a photograph of a lot of different kinds of Dorco razor
Way, Way Too Many Razors

Here’s what I bought (all prices are from the date this was published):

Frugal Gal Pack$36.55 $31.07 USD (~15% discount)

The Frugal Gal Pack consists of:

So, buying the Frugal Gal Pack VS buying its components individually will save you ~26% ( 100 * ( 1 – 31.07 / 41.75  ) )

Shai Trial Pack$21.95 $18.66 USD (~15% discount)

The  Shai Trial Pack consists of:

So, buying the Shai Trial Pack VS buying its components individually will save you ~22% ( 100 * ( 1 – 18.66 / 24.20 ) )

+ 3 Blade System for Women Cartridges: $3.75 USD

– 25% off coupon: -$13.38 USD

Grandtotal: $40.10 USD (You get free shipping to Canada if you order $40 or more, so it’s as close to $40 as I could get it.)

Woah, that’s a lot of numbers. Anyway, what it basically amounts to is the equivalent of 52 razor cartridges of several different varieties for $40.10, or ~$0.77 a razor cartridge. Is this the super crazy deal that the internets would have one believe? I’ve shaved twice with one of the Soft Touch 6 Blades. There was a bit of a dragging and scraping feeling while shaving, but I wasn’t left with an out-and-out horrible rash like I would be from one of the El Cheapo razors from, say, Dollarama. You don’t get a nice, smooth shave like you with Gillette Fusion Proglide, but it’s still a deal, just not a super, crazy, awesome, wacky deal like some of the reviews flying about would have you believe.

It could be that 6 blades (!!!) is just too many and all that extra surface area causes too much friction. If I experiences a better shave from, say, the 3 blade cartridge, I’ll make sure to update this.

a photograph of two different varieties of six blade Dorco razor cartridges for women

You know, for the life of me, apart from the packaging and the colours, I can’t see any difference between the Smooth Touch 6 Blade System for Women Cartridges and the regular 6 Blade System for Women Cartridges. They both cost the same, so it’s not like you’re getting ripped-off if you choose to buy one over the other, it’s just strange that they’d sell them in a sort of variety pack considering that there’s no real difference between them. Also, although they’re called Smooth Touch 6 Blade System for Women Cartridges and 6 Blade System for Women Cartridges on the website, the actual, real life packages say “Pace Shave Lady Six Blades” and “Dorco Shai 6 Blade System for Women” on them. That’s some bad branding and SEO right there.

Anyway, 52 razor cartridges is way too many for one person. I made sure to buy an extra handle though, so I could foist a bunch of them on a family member.

UPDATE 04/05/2013:  ARG. I tried one of the Soft Touch 6 Blade System for Women Cartridges (or, as they’re called on the box, Dorco Shai Double 3 Blade Cartridges) and all I can tell you is that you should avoid these. Although they look like Venus Breeze cartridges, which have large lubrication strips surrounding the blades, the Dorco cartridge blades are surrounded by a bunch of useless rubber that creates drag. Also, they have a weird hinge action in the middle which mostly just makes it so that the top 3 blades don’t make good contact with the skin.


Aside Regarding Duties

I wasn’t charged duty for this shipment when it can into Canada. Word around the internet is that, although you’re supposed to be charged duty on any goods coming into the country worth more $20, they don’t actually bother charging duty on anything worth less than $100. Indeed, I have only ever been charged duty twice when importing goods, when I bought two pair of Dr. Martens for $216.98 and when I bought a Kindle 2 for $311.06, both shipments over $100. My experience may be an exception though, so always factor the cost of duty when considering whether an out-of-country item is really a deal.